About us

Firm foundations

Handlefull is part of a group involved in all areas of logistics since 1998. In the 2005 the company rapidly developed from commodity trading to embrace a wide range of services, with the emphasis on long-term agreements with its partners. Today Handlefull has a tremendous presence at Beijing and Tianjin.

Our own people

One of our major strengths is our network of people in the field, all over China. It is precisely this network that enables us to stay in touch with local industries, to be aware of their needs and to keep up with developments, as well as being able to solve problems on the spot. Handlefull builds on this key competency to optimize the sourcing and marketing of products through its extensive network.

Local advantages

With our global network, we offer producers a single point of access from one continent to another, but continuously invests many time and energy to strengthen connection with related governments departments about cargo export & import, that point we treated as survival basis..
By combining innovation in logistics with innovation in sourcing, we generate substantial cost savings for our clients and are able to enhance the immediate availability of their raw materials, through a strategic positioning of stocks in China.

Long-term synergies

Our objectives are always long-term objectives. The long term allows us to plan and invest in a logistics infrastructure in several countries esp. South America, Africa, and Middle East while our warehouse network enables us to make full use of logistic synergies.